National Sovereignty and April 23 Children's Day


This national day, April 23 Children's Day, in Turkey is a unique event. The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, made a present of April 23 to all the world's children to emphasize that they are successor of the future.

It was on April 23, 1920, during the War of Independence, that the Grand National Assembly met in Ankara and laid down the foundations of a new, independent, secular, and modern republic from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire. Following the defeat of the Allied invasion forces on September 9, 1922 and the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne on July 24, 1923, Ataturk started his task of establishing the institutions of the new state. Over the next eight years, Ataturk and his followers adopted sweeping reforms to create a modern Turkey, divorced from her Ottoman past. In unprecedented moves, he dedicated the sovereignty day to the children and entrusted in the hands of the youth the protection of this sovereignty and independence.

This festival has been celebrated every year in Toronto / Canada since 1976 by Turkish Culture and Folklore Society of Canada.

Children's festival takes place not only with Turkey's participation but lots of other countries such as Azerbaijan, Korea ,Macedonia ,India ,Turkmenistan, China, Pakistan and Canada.

Celal UCAR, President of TKFD


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